Piaf – the Songs

Catherine Hawkes writes:
On 11th November, YTI members and their guests met up for an evening of French musical entertainment at Otley Courthouse.

We congregated in the bar, where seasoned members of the Yorkshire translation community made the newcomers among us feel at ease.  We also had the pleasure of welcoming two MA students from the University of Leeds, who no doubt enjoyed some hard-earned respite from the pressures of postgraduate study.

Tickets for the performance were sold out and the atmosphere in the hall was convivial.  Eve Loiseau charmed the audience with her beautiful voice and affinity for Édith Piaf.  She was accompanied by Fiona Barrow on violin and Edward Jay on accordion, and together the trio treated the audience to evocative renditions of many of Piaf’s well known songs.  La vie en rose, Non, je ne regrette rien, Milord, L’accordéoniste and others were interwoven with Piaf’s moving life story, retold with the aid of photographs and footage of the ever popular entertainer.

The evening was a touching tribute to la môme Piaf and a thoroughly enjoyable performance in its own right, not to mention a great opportunity to get together with other YTI-ers!