Meal at The Deep, Hull – John Holmes writes

File:The Deep, Hull at night.JPG

A party of 14 gathered for an evening meal in the unusual setting of The Deep, which proudly claims to be “the world’s only submarium”. Once daytime visitors have left, some areas of the attraction are transformed into a restaurant with an extremely impressive, if occasionally distracting backdrop.

We met up in the cafe/bar area for a pre-meal drink, where as a first-time attendee at a YTI event I was pleased to be able to put some faces to names (with apologies to those I didn’t quite get around to meeting, must do better next time…). The extremely friendly waiting staff busied themselves taking drinks orders, which were allocated impressively to the various individual names, thus avoiding our ending the evening with the awkward “separate bills please?” scenario.

Our table ready, we were led into a large display area and seated next to a vast tank containing a recreation of the flooded forest of the Amazon. With various giant catfish, rays, turtles and imposing Pacu (large vegetarian piranha that live on nuts and seeds) looking on, we enjoyed an excellent meal and the buzz of animated conversation echoed around the room. Later on, as the lighting in the tanks was dimmed to recreate nocturnal levels, coffees were served, Paul said a few words to congratulate Charles on passing his MITI exam and all too soon the party dispersed.

Many thanks to Charlotte and Catherine for organising this most enjoyable evening.