Pub quiz 2015 – Charlotte Couchman writes:

On Friday 16 October, YTI held its third internationally themed pub quiz in the upstairs room (newly decorated and reorganised) of The Yorkshire Terrier, in central York. The event proved so popular that we had to start a waiting list and turn several potential attenders away, so we are on the lookout for a bigger venue for next year. Any suggestions?

Catherine Greensmith was once again the Quiz Mistress, but she had a new twist up her sleeve this year – a tasting round. The quiz started on time at 7.15 pm, and we worked through several rounds of questions, including the tasting round, which involved tasting different flavours of Pringles and different types of chocolate. Answering the associated questions was not as easy as it sounds. At the end of the first half, scores were very much of a muchness.

After a delicious chilli (not as incandescently hot as last year, but still quite spicy), we moved onto round two, and then to the final scoring. Some of the questions were fiendish (for instance, what order of nuns did Teresa of Avila belong to? Not St. Trinians, it turned out, but the Carmelites). The Yorkshire Frogs won the evening and were pleased to accept a very large box of Ferrero Rocher, which were distributed around the room before the rest were finished off by the winners.

A really fun evening was had by all.