Christmas lunch at Safran – Giorgia Garavini writes:

This year, I had the pleasure of taking part in the first Christmas party since I joined YTI in February. It goes without saying how great it is to be able to attend such events even as freelance translators. Some people consider it a negative that we work on our own and I had ex-colleagues or relatives asking me how it would be to not have a Christmas party to attend this year: “problem” solved! I have to say that this was an excellent opportunity to meet some new fellow translators and their relatives or to see again some colleagues we couldn’t otherwise meet and have the chance to get to know each other, exchange work tips and points of view or discuss events of 2013 in light of the year to come.

This year, the YTI committee chose a restaurant called Safran to host the event. Located in Leeds city centre, I must say in a bit of a rundown street, it is a gem of Persian cuisine. The restaurant décor is very pretty and helps to create a cosy environment and the best atmosphere to chit-chat with your colleagues.

We were all accommodated in one room, which made it easy to move around and say hi to people on other tables. The food was delicious. I personally have to compliment the wonderful hummus with the traditional bread: it was simply scrumptious! Portions were very generous and with a starter and a main, we were so full that we struggled to have room for dessert. In addition, I want to mention the impeccable service. The restaurant did a great job in serving us all at the same time – I think I counted around 30-35 people, if I’m not wrong – and we also got a couple of extra portions of chips (which I personally found particularly good and couldn’t stop eating them!).

All in all, it was yet another fantastic social event organised by the very active committee and for me, the first of (I hope!) a long series of events! Thank you!