Meal at Krakatoa, York – Anne Harley writes:

Two discoveries marked the YTI social event on 9 April.  The first – shaming for someone who lives only 8 miles outside York – was that Tanner Row doesn’t stop where I thought it did.  The second was Indonesian cuisine.

Krakatoa, behind a narrow restaurant frontage which I must have walked past quite a few times, provided a friendly, long table for the whole group.  The menu was a voyage into the unknown but helpfully signposted the hottest dishes by the number of chillies pictured against their names.  Our choices erred on the conservative side.  To start with, spring roll and Bakwan Jagung, small sweetcorn patties crisply fried with flavourings and accompaniment which were a world away from the Green Giant’s offerings.  A chicken stir fry, Ayam Kecap Manis, and VERY mild stir fry dish, Acar Kuning, which combined vegetables and tofu with unaccustomed sweet and sour flavours, were our main course selections, together with egg fried rice.  This coward, having decided to avoid risk, was comforted that neighbours who had ordered the two-chilli duck dish as a main course were remarking on its heat.   However, we ogled the large plateful that was Nasi Goreng, which promised the ability to control the heat level by applying chilli paste separately.

Conversation flowed easily and my first outing into polite society in several weeks was a very enjoyable occasion.  Thank you all for the welcome extended to the convalescent’s designated driver.

Note to self:  Must do this again!