Scales of Justice – Ruth Bartlett writes:

Our April outing was a mid-week trip to Bingley Little Theatre to see Scales of Justice, a courtroom drama, based on true events, about the struggle for justice of a recently naturalised German industrialist who is interned following the outbreak of World War I as a result of fraud committed by his local Member of Parliament.

The play was a perfect and timely fit for the YTI.  In it, Hans Muhler faces a monumental struggle to be accepted by his adoptive country and defined by his actions rather than by his country of birth.  Despite adopting the British nationality, marrying a British wife, identifying with British values and actively contributing to the war effort, he is viewed by his host nation primarily through the prism of his German nationality, something that is brought into sharp relief when war strikes.

This struggle to be accepted as an individual in the face of stereotypes and prejudice, particularly at a time of international crisis, will have resonated with the many of us who have made a life for ourselves overseas.  Moreover, the legal aspects of the drama whetted our appetites for the David Hitchens law course in York the following week.  We thoroughly enjoyed the play and this opportunity to take some time out for a mid-week bite to eat, a choc-ice and a chat with friends.

Thank you to Charlotte and Edwina for organising!