Christmas lunch in York, 17 December – Barbara Hull writes:

As a newcomer to YTI, I was a bit hesitant about joining the Christmas lunch in case everyone else knew everyone else already and just wanted to renew old acquaintances.  My concerns were totally unfounded!  I felt warmly welcomed and drawn in.

The venue was Barbakan, a Polish café in York; I must admit that Polish isn’t what normally springs to mind when contemplating a meal out but there I was, wrong again!  The main courses were excellent, succulent and sustaining, and the cakes were to die for!  Definitely worth a visit.

I was well impressed with Kerry and Charlottes’s organisational prowess in keeping track who had pre-ordered what, with the help of an Excel spreadsheet (is this a professional spill-over?) and the restaurant staff were great and everything ran smoothly.

The best part, of course, was the conversation which was eclectic, but always interesting and often downright useful.  We covered currency issues, concordances, curry recipes and so much more. As at most gatherings worth their salt there was an exchange of business cards and recipes.  If anyone else would like my recipe for Beorijch (Armenian black-eyed bean and nut stew) just let me know….. (