YTI co-working day – Lara Fasoli writes:

The idea of co-working has been around for quite a while now, and especially if you’re a freelance you might have already your spot at the local shared office space surrounded by fellow self-employed graphic designers, copywriters and the like. This approach has its benefits and perks, however YTI decided to give a twist to this “traditional” idea organising a co-working day for translators (and interpreters) only, following in the footsteps of similar events that have taken place all around the country. Here’s a chronicle of the event.

At the initiative of Mike Scott, the group meet in the green neighbourhood of Headingly, Leeds, on the significantly dull morning (weatherwise!) of Friday 30 June. The venue was the nice and cosy Heart centre, home also to the Pulse co-working space, famous among the Leeds translators community.  Upon my arrival (I was a tad late due to a PSI assignment on the opposite side of town and public transport being what it is) I meet the group in a spacious, bright and clean conference room. A big round table arranged in the middle: everyone had already cracked on with their own work, typing away on their ergonomic keyboards. After I set up my work station (there was even still plug free for my laptop charger) and some quiet chit-chat we all went back to work.

The atmosphere throughout the day has been relaxed and extremely productive. I was very motivated by the fact that everyone around me was working, which encouraged me to stay focussed on the task. Personally, this is sometimes hard especially when I work from home on my own and I tend to get distracted by the smallest thing. I also appreciated how everyone was also keen to pitch in and help out when someone got stuck with a tricky passage. There was also space for more trivial discussions and occasional breaks.

Lunch was a delightful occasion that gave us a chance to talk more, share experiences and stories. Some of us were quite organised and had brought their own lunch, some of us, like me, relied on the little nice cafè in the building for a sandwich or salad.

Overall, this experience has proven very positive both from the personal and the professional point of view. I got to know better my own colleagues, network and get productive in a nice and different environment. All those who attended have confirmed the positive outcomes, so much so that it has been proposed at the recent YTI AGM to make this #CoworkXL event a regular one!

If you’d like to know more or to get involved don’t hesitate to contact a member of YTI!