YTI International Quiz. Josie Worral writes;

The evening of 14th September found a group of YTI members and their significant others gathered in the cosy back room of York Brewery’s taproom. There was much enthusiasm about the beer on offer in the bar, where the atmosphere was warm and friendly. This was no ordinary social however: anticipation was in the air. Having split into teams, the attendees were all chomping at the bit to test their mettle against quiz mistress Catherine Greensmith’s notoriously tricky questions. With a sumptuous range of delicious looking prizes laid out on the table in plain view, there was naturally some friendly rivalry.

The quiz started with the signature tasting round, an unusual but very welcome addition for those of us experienced in the ways of the average pub quiz. This year the teams had to identify four different types of tea and four bowls of cereal by taste. While most teams had a good stab at the cereals, generally managing to work out the type of cereal or the company that made it, the Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew had everyone stumped! It also turns out that not many people know what liquorice tea tastes like either. Luckily for my team, The Doctors, your author drinks Earl Grey by the bucket load and was able to identify it by smell at 10 paces. That combined with the intellectual might of my team mates meant we finished the first half of the quiz in the lead and determined to hold onto top spot.

The halfway point was marked with a break from the fiendish questions to enjoy hot pies and mushy peas, with a steak pie or a veggie option on offer, generally accompanied by another pint of the brewery’s finest. The hot food seemed to hit the spot, and we entered the second half of the quiz full of enthusiasm. The questions were varied, touching on international sport, history and geography to name but a few, and pitched perfectly to keep us racking our brains. At the final tally, The Doctors saw off the fierce competition and retained our lead, getting first dibs on the prizes as the reward. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and everyone stayed after the quiz had finished for a good natter.

It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with new and old members alike, and I would like to thank Catherine for all her hard work putting such an excellent quiz together and for keeping order in the ranks on the night, and Kerry for organising the evening. I’m looking forward to next year’s quiz already!

Summer Walk – Hull City Centre. Rick Gilchrist writes;

Another hot summer Saturday and an intrepid YTI group headed to Paragon Station in Hull for the start of a walking tour of the city centre led by Chris Whiteley. The group was a mix of current residents, former residents and first-time visitors to Hull and we started our journey by the statue of Phillip Larkin, poet and former librarian at Hull University. From there we made our way through the city centre streets taking in some of the ancient and modern sights of the city centre such as the white phone boxes, the wonderful Punch Hotel, the rather less wonderful Princes Quay shopping centre and the statue of Queen Victoria standing atop the main public conveniences in the city centre.

A refreshment stop in the old fruit market quarter, now an upcoming cultural centre, was followed by a tour of the Master’s house and buildings of Hull Charterhouse, a former Carthusian monastery and almshouse which was founded in the 14th century and still operates as an almshouse to this day. The current Master greeted us all with a generous glass of sherry and a personal tour of house, gardens and place of worship which is currently undergoing renovation.

By now we were all in need of some sustenance, so we headed back into the old town to the Sailmakers Arms for a bite to eat and to listen to the landlord telling us about which film stars had been in the pub that week after filming in the street outside had finished.

Despite having lived in Hull for 9 years in the 1990s I learned a whole load of new facts and saw buildings I’d never previously seen.

A huge thankyou to Chris Whiteley, who led us around, arranged our visit to Charterhouse and improved our knowledge of the people, buildings and history of Kingston Upon Hull in such an entertaining and engaging way.